Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berkeley Fair Trade Towns Monthly Meeting - Minutes

I. Event One – Status Check on 5 FTT Criteria for Berkeley:

• Need 20 retail stores in Berkeley that carry two or more Fair Trade products – Nailed this, but always looking for more!

Steering Committee:
• Formulating a list of local businesses & offices and invite to serve on the Steering Committee. We’ll have a mailing list party at our next meeting!

Community Support:
• The per capita numbers for Berkeley equivilate to 20 organizations that need to use Fair Trade products – Done!
• Residents’ petition: Jan. – April is the time to increase Fair Trade visibility for Berkeley residents. We need to petition at Farmer’s Market, UC Berkeley Campus and around town for community support.

• Set a timeline for passing resolution in Berkeley, ideally in May, 2010!

Press/Media Coverage:
• Fair Trade Berkeley BART Advertisement
• Blog: Check it out and make it known!
o FairTradeBerkeley.blogspot.com
• Email us on our Fair Trade Berkeley gmail!
o FairTradeBerkeley@gmail.com. Questions, requests for information and the like can be directed here!

II. Event Two - Jan. 13th, 10-11am. Meeting with Mayor’s Office

Meeting with Nils Moe (assistant to Mayor T. Bates) and Jennifer Cogley (BuyLocal Berkeley) regarding:
• Wording on the Resolution
• Resolution timeline
• Passports Game – approval and implementation plan
• Fair Trade Fair at CAL (invite them and City Hall’s participation, if desired)
• Fair Trade Berkeley ad in BART
• Fair Trade presence at the Mayor’s New Year’s gathering

III. Event Three - Buy Local; Buy Fair Berkeley Passports Game:

Hoping to implement a game in Berkeley shops as part of “Fair Trade New Year’s Resolution” activity. Passports Game would be active between mid-Jan and mid-March. If you have some capacity – or have found a new member for our steering committee, this would be a great place for them to share their talents!

IV. Event Four – For the Love of Fair Trade, Fundraising night @ the Fox Den, Feb. 4th

V. Event Five - Fair Trade Fair @ UC Berkeley, Thursday, Feb. 11th, 11am -2pm

BIG Thanks to Katrina and her team on campus! Please contact FairTradeBerkeley@gmail to become apart of the UC Berkeley campus team or want more information about anything discussed at our meeting or how you can get more involved with making Berkeley a Fair Trade Town!

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