Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Berkeley Fair Trade Towns Monthly Meeting - Minutes

I. Event One – Status Check on 5 FTT Criteria for Berkeley:

• Need 20 retail stores in Berkeley that carry two or more Fair Trade products – Nailed this, but always looking for more!

Steering Committee:
• Formulating a list of local businesses & offices and invite to serve on the Steering Committee. We’ll have a mailing list party at our next meeting!

Community Support:
• The per capita numbers for Berkeley equivilate to 20 organizations that need to use Fair Trade products – Done!
• Residents’ petition: Jan. – April is the time to increase Fair Trade visibility for Berkeley residents. We need to petition at Farmer’s Market, UC Berkeley Campus and around town for community support.

• Set a timeline for passing resolution in Berkeley, ideally in May, 2010!

Press/Media Coverage:
• Fair Trade Berkeley BART Advertisement
• Blog: Check it out and make it known!
o FairTradeBerkeley.blogspot.com
• Email us on our Fair Trade Berkeley gmail!
o FairTradeBerkeley@gmail.com. Questions, requests for information and the like can be directed here!

II. Event Two - Jan. 13th, 10-11am. Meeting with Mayor’s Office

Meeting with Nils Moe (assistant to Mayor T. Bates) and Jennifer Cogley (BuyLocal Berkeley) regarding:
• Wording on the Resolution
• Resolution timeline
• Passports Game – approval and implementation plan
• Fair Trade Fair at CAL (invite them and City Hall’s participation, if desired)
• Fair Trade Berkeley ad in BART
• Fair Trade presence at the Mayor’s New Year’s gathering

III. Event Three - Buy Local; Buy Fair Berkeley Passports Game:

Hoping to implement a game in Berkeley shops as part of “Fair Trade New Year’s Resolution” activity. Passports Game would be active between mid-Jan and mid-March. If you have some capacity – or have found a new member for our steering committee, this would be a great place for them to share their talents!

IV. Event Four – For the Love of Fair Trade, Fundraising night @ the Fox Den, Feb. 4th

V. Event Five - Fair Trade Fair @ UC Berkeley, Thursday, Feb. 11th, 11am -2pm

BIG Thanks to Katrina and her team on campus! Please contact FairTradeBerkeley@gmail to become apart of the UC Berkeley campus team or want more information about anything discussed at our meeting or how you can get more involved with making Berkeley a Fair Trade Town!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Berkeley Fair Trade Towns Monthly Meeting

Tomorrow, December 9th, 2009, is the Berkeley Fair Trade Towns Steering Committee monthly meeting! It will be held at the TransFair USA office at 1500 Broadway in Downtown Oakland! Any and everyone who is interested in Fair Trade, Fair Trade Towns or would simply like to learn more about the Fair Trade movement you're welcome to attend. Your presence is greatly appreciated! The National Fair Trade Towns conference call will follow our meeting and you are welcome to attend that as well. We ecnourage the Berkeley community to attend and give input into making Berkeley a Fair Trade Town!